Guidelines for holding events amid Covid-19 outbreak

The Culture Ministry has issued a set of guidelines for people to follow when they attend ceremonies that cannot be avoided or postponed. The aim is to avoid further spread of Covid-19.

1. People planning to hold the ceremony must notify officials or disease-control operations at the village or community level.

2. The invitation card must specify that all guests wear a surgical mask as well as carry their national ID card. Anybody with a fever or cough will not be allowed to attend the event.

3. The temperature of every attendee must be checked at the door. Anybody recording a temperature of more than 37.5 degrees Celsius is required to see the doctor immediately.

4. Organisers must take a photograph of every attendee as well as record their name, last name, address and telephone number.

5. Alcohol-based hand-sanitising gel must be provided at the entrance and at several points in the venue. Extra masks should also be kept handy.

6. All equipment and surfaces have to be frequently wiped down with alcohol.

7. Events must wrap up quickly.

8. Organisers must deliver the list of attendees to the Public Health Ministry as soon as there is news about an attendee developing Covid-19.

9. All types of banquets are prohibited.

10. No alcoholic beverages can be served.

11. No musical performances or dancing allowed.

Culture Minister Ittipol Khunpluem has also set the following guidelines for people attending an event:

1. Wear clothes that cover every part of the body, wear a mask at all times and carry protective equipment such as alcohol-based hand-sanitising gel.

2. Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from people when sitting or standing.

3. Hands should be frequently cleaned with hand-sanitising gel or soap and water.

4. Hands should immediately be cleaned after leaving the event, and all communication equipment like mobile phones and tablets as well as personal belongings must be wiped down with alcohol.

5. Have a shower and change your clothes immediately upon arriving home.

6. Do not attend any events if you are ill and rush to see a doctor.

7. Do not attend any events if you have been travelling and not completed the 14-day self-isolation period or have been in contact with a person who has returned from overseas.

For marriage ceremonies, the organiser must limit the pouring of blessed water on the bride and groom’s hands to just parents, relatives, elders and important guests. All guests must maintain a 2-metre distance from one another and no feasts will be allowed.

For funerals, the number of days devoted to chanting should be reduced and prayers kept short. Seating provided for monks and for attendees must be kept at a distance of 1-2 metres. Comply with recommendations made by religious organisations.