Uniqueequals cool : Garment businessman Charoon Srithammarak mixes and matches styles to perfect his dream car


Charoon’s modified 1994 BMW E36, which he says is now a car like no other.

Most people are happy with ordinary stuff, but some love to stand out from the crowd. Charoon Srithammarak, a T-shirt retailer and exporter with his own shop in Bangkok’s Pratunam area, dares to be different.

It’s a characteristic that may derive from his work, which requires a special distinctiveness to attract buyers.

“I don’t like common things. They’re not attractive, and that’s why I had my 1994 BMW E36 modified in the front, so it would have the same appearance as an E46,” he said.

“I believe my car looks like no other now, because I modified it as per my own preference. In art, we can harmonise many components in a single design.”

Despite the modifications, Charoon kept his car’s original engine.

“The engine remains a 2.5-litre with automatic transmission like it was originally, because I did not want to change that.

“I think the original engine is okay. I also did not want to modify the suspension system very much.

“What I modified at the front of my car did not increase its weight much, because I used fibreglass materials that are lightweight and don’t affect the suspension,” he said.

Charoon has liked to mix styles since he was young, once modifying an 80cc motorcycle into a motocross racer.

“When I rode that motorbike, it caught a lot of people’s eyes.

“I think its differentiation garnered quite a bit of attention.

“Driving unique

vehicles is cool.”

Thanadol Rila

The Nation

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