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Busy actress Front Montgomery uses her Suzuki van as a mobile bedroom when she’s filming on location
Front is pictured with her Suzuki 1.6-litre APV, which has three rows of seats that can fold down into a sleeping area.

Automobiles have become an indispensable necessity the world over, and carmakers today are moving more towards customised cars to whet consumers’ appetites.

Picking a vehicle that matches one’s personality and even career is essential, and that goes double for actors and actresses.

Thai-American actress Front Montgomery says she chose one that could serve as a “second home”.

“I bought a Suzuki APV van equipped with a 1.6-litre engine and automatic transmission, because it was spacious and easy to drive. Since I’m an actress, I can’t spend much time at home. Most of my time is spent on location shoots. My car doubles as a mobile bed whenever I have a lot of jobs. It’s a multipurpose vehicle with three rows that can seat seven to 10 passengers,” Front says.

“More importantly, the seats fold down for a place to sleep during a break. I work hard, and when I feel drained I need someplace I can rest. And it’s great for driving in Bangkok. Thanks to its short front end, it’s easy for me to overtake other cars, but it needs a pretty wide space for U-turns.”

The Suzuki APV has a mid-mounted engine. It is a family car that offers a comprehensive package in terms of style, performance, comfort and competitive pricing.

“Its 1.6-litre engine seems to consume less fuel. My van is normally loaded with my stuff, myself and my six-year old daughter, so I need a vehicle that has good fuel economy. For maintenance, I have it serviced according to the required mileage. It’s a multipurpose vehicle that’s well suited to my daily life,” said Front.

“I also like other kinds of cars, like sporty cars when I’m in that kind of mood. But I want to follow His Majesty the King’s sufficiency-economy philosophy. We cannot drive all of our cars at once no matter how many we own, but my van satisfies all of my driving needs.”

Thanadol Rila

The Nation

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